My Life, My Rules



During the happiest time of her life, Selene's past returns to haunt her. She made some mistakes in her youth, but paid the price and spent seven years toeing the line and working hard to accomplish her goals when others would have given up. Finally, she has everything she had ever wanted, a magical life with the perfect husband, adorable daughter, and successful career. All achieved by consciously developing her higher self and following the laws of the Universe.

Then one day an unexpected letter arrives--one that jeopardizes everything she has worked so hard to achieve, and which has the power to destroy it all.

Deportation. The United States plans to forcibly remove her from her family, her friends and her way of life. Numb with shock and grief, she struggles to apply the principles of faith that have stood her in good stead over the years. Even though this problem seems implacable and insurmountable, she finds she is not alone.

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Men Are Not the Problem

Men Are Not The Problem


Selene had taken charge of her life and overcame emotional and physical abuse, as well as the biased opinions of others regarding immigrants since coming to the US. Yet somehow still in love with this spoiled bad boy, she packs her bags and leaves with him, telling herself that love is worth the risk.

However, when an unexpected pregnancy and job loss turns her love sick world upside down, it is then that Michael's true callous and cold heart is revealed. Struggling with the demons of her past and now the misfortunes of her present, Selene realizes Men Are Not the Problem.

Men Are Not the Problem knows no boundaries as this uplifting tale drives you from tear jerking moments to candid real life hilarity. Painfully blunt and remarkably inspiring
Men Are Not the Problem will leave you knowing what real love is and should be.

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Love, laugh and live with Passion - Secrets to a greater life



As we think, so we shall be. We construct our lives by the thoughts we allow to live in our hearts and exist in our minds. Our dreams are realized through the power of forethought and persistent actions or destroyed through the power of pessimism and indolence.

We see others who are no better, smarter, stronger or richer than us succeed and wonder, why not me? The reason is simple. You have not been properly educated in the techniques by which everything you want can be yours. This book is the beginning of that education, twenty-two simple exercises that will improve your attitude, your spiritual awareness and put you on the path to living your life's purpose.

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