The past, Selene learned, had a way of coming back to haunt you in the happiest of times. Seven years she spent working hard and staying steady on her path to accomplishing her goals when others had given up. Now she had everything that she had ever wanted. The house, the car, the husband and the child, were all parts of this magical life that she had built for herself consciously. And it was not the shadow of a life that someone else had expected her to live. Then the letter arrived and everything that she had created was suddenly in jeopardy of disappearing.
    “Human beings by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives…” -- William James As we think, so we shall be. We construct our lives by the thoughts we allow to live in our hearts and exist in our minds. Our dreams are realized through the power of forethought and persistent actions or destroyed through the power of pessimism and indolence. We see others who are no better, smarter, stronger or richer than us succeed and wonder, why not me? The reason is simple. You have not been properly educated in the techniques by which everything you want can be yours. This book is the beginning of that education, twenty-two simple exercises that will improve your attitude, your spiritual awareness and put you on the path to living your life’s purpose. There is a plan for each of us, all you have to do is learn how to read that plan and put it into action. So get ready to Love, Laugh and Live with PASSION, by learning The Secrets to a Greater life!
    Selene opens the door to her former boyfriend and her heart melts. It was only two months prior that Michael dumped her, leaving her in Miami to return to his hometown of Sarasota, presumably to make something more of himself. It had been painful for her to let go, but at the end it was for the best. He had been a selfish and inconsiderate lover, escorting her around his white world as if she was his black Haitian Barbie. Selene who had taken charge of her life and overcame emotional and physical abuse, as well as the bias opinions of others regarding immigrants since coming to the US, is somehow still in love with this spoiled, bad boy. She packs her bags and leaves with him, telling herself that love is worth the risk. However when an unexpected pregnancy and job loss turns her love sick world upside down, It is then that Michael’s true callous and cold heart is revealed. Struggling with the demons of her past and now the misfortunes of her present Selene realizes Men are not the problem. Men are not the problem knows no boundaries as this uplifting tale drives you from tear jerking moments to candid real life hilarity. Painfully blunt and remarkably inspiring Men are not the problem will leave you knowing what real love is and should be.