"When you think  you've reached the end, go one more step."
Luna Charles Hardcastle is a Haitian American author, traveler, positivity coach, adventure seeker and foodie. 
A wife and mother of two. She plans to leave the world a better place for her children by being a active humanitarian.

Her love of philosophy, theology and the spiritual arts gives her a unique view of the world around her. And her positive outlook on life is inspiring.

As an avid reader, researcher and rising energy healer,  you can often times find her lost in a local book store or metaphysical shop when she is in your town or country.

This beautiful soul so far has produced three published works and numerous shorts stories. She has been featured in several magazines and television talk shows as well as radio broadcasts.

Luna is currently working on her fourth book while helping those that reach out to her find a life of more fun, freedom and fulfillment

 Excerpt from THE DOOR by Luna Charles:

'After years of research, I understood that there were things on this planet that existed above our level of perception but coexisted with us. They looked on us, but did not intervene. These energy beings, spirits or angels, if you call them that, live right at the edge of our consciousness.

They can and do engage us, but only when we are ready., We should not dare connect with them. Otherwise, some of these spirits will use our ignorance of them against us. Some of these beings are kind, loving and would be teachers who wish to help us. Guide us as our creator intended when he gave us dominion over all that is, from the fowl in the sky to the the creatures in the seas.

But some of these spirits are angry and jealous of men for being given such power and they wish to trick us and lead us on the wrong path that will displease the creator.

That is why contact with any of them is prohibited unless we are sure of what kind of spirit we will engage. There are many rules for making sure of this, but the following are the pillars of all these rules...'
"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen."
Paulo Coelho